The Seychelles is booming as an International Offshore Financial Centre and it is not difficult to see why. The jurisdiction has many appealing features:

        - Stable and Independent Country
        - Fast Incorporation, usually within 24 hours
        - Low Incorporation and renewal Fees
        - Convenient Time Zone +4 hrs GMT
        - Multi-lingual Incorporation documents allowed (Chinese characteristics
        - Secure offshore banking
        - Nominee Shareholder and Directors permitted
        - Corporate Nominees permitted (even those from other jurisdictions)
        - Minimum 1 Shareholder, 1 Director ; Reserve director allowed
        - Disclosure of UBO to the Authorities and Shareholder to Registered Agent ONLY
        - Register of Directors must be filed with the Authorities
        - Bearer Shares NOT allowed.
        - No minimum Share Capital requirements
        - Information sharing agreements in force with some countries worldwide
        - No Annual Financial Accounts returns but must keep financial records which must be filed with the Registered Agent
        - No Annual meeting requirements

Characteristics of the Seychelles IBC Act 2016

The International Business Company's Act 2016 and its Amendments was enacted to provide a comprehensive regime for the incorporation, regulation, operation and taxation of International Business Companies.

International Business Companies (IBC) have the following characteristics:






   International Business Companies are not subject    to taxation within the Seychelles, provided no business is being conducted in Seychelles.


   An International Business Company need only           one shareholder and shares are issued in           
   registered form only. Details of the      
shareholders DO NOT appear on the public file,
   although a Register of Members must be
   maintained at  
the registered office address.
   The Register is only open to inspection
   by members of the company.


   A minimum of one director is required and   
corporate directors are permitted. Details of the
   directors are filed with the Authorities, and
   a Register of Directors must be maintained at all times.







   International Business Companies are not  
required to file annual accounts. However, they are required to maintain financial records which have to be filed with the Registered Agent.


   Incorporation can be achieved within 24 hours.  
   However it does take a few days for documents to
   arrive from Seychelles.


There are specific statutory provisions  
governing secrecy in relation to companies but
   English Law, which applies within the jurisdiction,
   does impose a common law duty on professionals
   to keep the affairs of their clients confidential.


   As a matter of local company law the company    
   must maintain a registered office address within
   the Seychelles and must also appoint a
   Seychelles resident as a registered agent.



   The following words cannot be used: Assurance, Bank, Building Society,   
   Chamber of Commerce, Credit Union, Licensing, Police, Royal
   Chartered, Co-operative, Foundation, Government, Stock Exchange, Tribunal, Parliament
   Imperial, Insurance, Municipal, Mutual Fund and Trust, or any
   other words which suggest the patronage of any 
   Government. All company names must end with
   Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Limited Liability Company, Company or
   the abbreviation Ltd, Corp., Inc., LLC, or Co.

Why Seychelles
All About Offshore (Seychelles) Limited

Our Strengths:

• IBC Formation
• Offshore Banking
• Resident Company DTA Access
• Limited Partnerships
• Protected Cell Companies
• Shipping & Yacht Registration
• Banking
• Multiple Jurisdictions
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