What type of business may be conducted by an International Business Company (“IBC”) outside of Seychelles?

Any type of business not prohibited by the IBC Act 2016 and its Amendments.  However, there are specific requirements for the operation of banking, insurance or reinsurance activities, cryptocurrency exchange, gaming and gambling.

How is an IBC registered?

a. You provide us with three alternative names for your proposed company, and
    we seek approval from the Authorities, normally within 1 - 2 hours.

b.Once finalised, we present the Memorandum and Articles of Association to
   the Registrar, who will issue a certificate, and your IBC will be incorporated
   within 24 hours.

What is the cost of registering an IBC?
The fee for the registration of an IBC having an authorised share capital up to US$1,000, 000 is US$149.50, plus our professional costs.   

Are there any other taxes payable? 
No. All IBCs are subject to zero taxation in Seychelles. If the IBC is doing business in Seychelles, then local taxes are applicable.

Are bearer shares allowed, and are corporate directors allowed?
No. Bearer Shares are not allowed. Corporate directors are allowed.

Can an IBC have only one director and one shareholder?  

What about the filing of accounts? 
No accounts need to be filed but accounting records must be maintained. These records have to be filed with the Registered Agent.

Can an IBC maintain a foreign account in Seychelles?  

Yes, all IBCs have automatic access to a foreign exchange account in Seychelles.

What confidentiality is granted to an IBC? 
The names of the Beneficial Owners and the Directors are submitted to the Authorities. The Register of Directors along with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Certificate of Incorporation of the company and the registered address of the company are filed with the Registrar, FSA. The register of Beneficial Owners is uploaded to a secure database. This database can only be accessed by the Authorities under strict conditions.
Can an IBC invest in Seychelles?
An IBC may hold shares, debt obligations or any other securities in a domestic company.  An IBC may also own or manage a vessel or aircraft registered in Seychelles.

As a director/shareholder of an IBC, can I obtain a residence permit to remain in Seychelles
In addition to the residence permits which are granted to SITZ investors and promoters, non-Seychellois may apply for a residence permit for a fixed number of years. Please contact us for further details 
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