For Approved Reseller and/or Professional Intermediary Clients 

In accordance with the minimum FATF guidelines (as adopted in Seychelles) we require from you:

a copy of your certificate of incorporation or operating license;
a brief professional or bank reference, which also confirms your address;
if you have not supplied us with one already, please send us your company
     brochure or profile.


Additionally, where we act as Director we require a certified copy of the client’s passport, proof of address and a brief description of the company’s activities.


We will also require an undertaking from you, our introducer, to carry out the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures that are required by law in Seychelles. We will forward to you a draft of the Due Diligence Undertaking, to be completed by you, (we only require this once), on your letterhead that will formalize this aspect of our relationship. This will avoid the need for you to provide client passports etc to us, unless of course we are retained to provide professional director services, as described above.


For the Individual User


We are required by local Corporate Service Provider's laws to collect certain due diligence information from you before registering a Company including:

A copy of your Passport and Driver's Licence;
An original proof of residential address document (not a P.O. Box). This
      can include a recent rates/utility bill or bank/credit card statemen


For any directors appointed to the company, or any authorised representatives appointed to act for the company (or for Attorneys holding a General Power of Attorney) we also require certified passport copies


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The minimum FATF guidelines (as adopted in Seychelles), click to learn more