All About Offshore (Seychelles) Limited provides a fully-fledged, efficient, competitive and fast company formation service.

(1) Company formation

Our “Value-Added” Incorporation Package includes:

  - Certificate of Incorporation
Two sealed Memorandum and Articles of Association
Two Originals of the Subscriber’s Resolution appointing the First Director
Two Originals of the Minutes of the First Director’s Meeting
Incorporation Fee (including government fees)
Share Certificate
  - Expression of Wishes (Offshore Will)
  - One set of apostilled incorporation documents
One year's Registered Agent and Registered Office service
One Year's Correspondence Address (including the safe custody of
    statutory books and the onward transmission of documents served on the
    company at its address)
Attending to mandatory reporting/filing requirements for year one including
    attending to keeping stat records/company books

Delivery by Courier


The highlighted items (above) are normally charged as extras by our competitors, but   we include them in our “special” package price

Also available with our Incorporations are:

  - Power of Attorney
  - Apostille
  - Notarization
  - Certificate of Incumbency
  - Certificate of Good Standing

2) Professional Director and Nominee Services:

(a) Registered Agent/Office IBC Service.
AABOL can provide an IBC, having its own Directors, Company Secretary and Shareholders with Registered Agent and Office facilities.  

(b) Full Service IBC.
Some clients prefer to structure their situation to ensure that management and control of their Company is seen to be exercised from offshore. For such clients AABOL will provide a full IBC service (in addition to providing Registered Agent and Office facilities) including:
(i)   ANominee Director;
(ii)  ANomineeCompany Secretary; and
(iii) ANomineeCorporate Shareholder.  

(3) Bank Account Introduction. All About Offshore (Seychelles) Limited can open a bank account for an IBC in selected offshore jurisdictions. The most prominent commercial banks that we deal with are: Absa Bank (Seychelles), Al-Salaam Bank (Seychelles), MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank) and ABC Banking Corporation, to mention just a few. All reputable banks require detailed personal and business information from the owners and controllers of the offshore account.

4) Other value added services. All About Offshore (Seychelles) Limited offers an additional functionality to IBCs by providing a comprehensive office service which includes:·     
  - Website design and hosting
  - Letterheads and business cards
  - Mail and Fax Forwarding Service
Call handling service

Products & Services
All About Offshore (Seychelles) Limited

Our Services:

• IBC Formation
• Offshore Banking
• Resident Company DTA Access
• Limited Partnerships
• Protected Cell Companies
• Shipping & Yacht Registration
• Multiple Jurisdictions


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