The Seychelles is booming as an International Offshore Financial Centre and it is not difficult to see why. The jurisdiction has many appealing features:

– Stable and Independent Country

– Fast Incorporation, usually within 24 hours

– Low Incorporation and renewal Fees

– Convenient Time Zone +4 hrs GMT

– Multi-lingual Incorporation documents allowed  (Chinese characteristics accepted)

– Secure offshore banking

– Nominee Shareholder and Directors permitted

– Corporate Nominees permitted (even those from other jurisdictions)

– Minimum 1 Shareholder, 1 Director ; Reserve director allowed

– Disclosure of UBO to the Authorities and Shareholder to Registered Agent ONLY

– Register of Directors must be filed with the Authorities

– Bearer Shares NOT allowed.

– No minimum Share Capital requirements

– Information sharing agreements in force with some countries worldwide

– No Annual Financial Accounts returns but must keep financial records which must be filed with the Registered Agent

– No Annual meeting requirements

Characteristics of the Seychelles IBC Act 2016

The International Business Company’s Act 2016 and its Amendments was enacted to provide a comprehensive regime for the incorporation, regulation, operation and taxation of International Business Companies.

International Business Companies (IBC) have the following characteristics: